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"We maximize the value of Salesforce initiatives with our CTA Architect Board”



At AI Harmonizers, our mission is to enable companies to unlock the full potential of their Customer 360 initiatives through our innovative performance-focused Salesforce solutions. Our team of certified Salesforce Technical Architects and our Unique Architecture Review Board Program provide tailored reviews that help optimize Salesforce implementation, reduce risk for business-critical applications and maximize ROI. With AI Harmonizers, you can trust that your Salesforce implementation will be in safe hands.

Software Programmer


Whether you are looking to build an automated sales process or create an AI-driven customer service strategy, AI Harmonizers is the right choice for you. Our team of Salesforce experts and certified consultants have the experience and know-how to deliver the best results.

At AI Harmonizers, we understand that every business has unique needs, and that’s why we offer tailored solutions and managed services that are focused on success and ROI. We are committed to delivering the best solutions and services to help you reach your goals.

Managed services

Platinum | Gold | Silver | Bronze | Custom

We specialize in scalable architectures on the cloud. Our experienced Architect consultants understand the limits and review if your solution would scale on the cloud. We not only help implement your solution but also maintain it for you. As your business grows and your needs change we will ensure that your org adapts to your needs while staying scalable and performance.

As part of our managed services levels All levels come with certified Architect oversight.

Consulting Services

We specialize in expertly implementing Salesforce, including Data Cloud solutions to meet your unique business needs. Starting from data modeling, security, integration and any customization as necessary. We offer packaged jump start solutions and custom implementation services.


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Salesforce Org Harmonizers (SOH)

Salesforce Developer Harmonizers (SDH)

Salesforce Performance Harmonizers (SPH)

Use our tool to perform an Architect assessment (based on Salesforce Well Architected Risk Assessor) to gauge and record if you are using the best practices as part of your orgs implementation from Data/Org security, integrations to Dev ops. This assessment generates a proprietary Org Risk Index that determines the risk for an organization/implementation around- Adoption, Data integrity/Security, Performance & Scalability.

Developers need analysis tools to help them identify hotspots. This is especially true for large enterprises with a ton of APEX code. With SDH you can start a trace on a specific user flow / use-case, collect underlying logs automatically w.r.t the use-case and visualize various hotspots for the given use-case. This would help to optimize Apex Code, SOQL and help design / architect the system to run efficiently. This efficiency would result in end-user productivity

Monitor the org proactively for performance and scale tuning with quarterly readout. Helps with Anomaly Detection and Remediation Artifacts produced: Salesforce Performance Harmonizers (SPH)

  • Live view dashboard for key business health indicators

  • Performance and Scale hotspots

  • Before and after analysis

  • Performance & scale benchmarks for future comparison

  • Org outage detector

  • Managed Monitoring services

  • Org Harmonizers index for data and performance


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